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RESERVATION FEE: After we review your travel request and we confirm availability in our schedule, we charge a $100 reservation fee which MUST be paid to hold your booking. We will send you an invoice by email for the delivery charges, which can be paid by PayPal, MasterCard, or Visa. You may elect to pay the entire balance at this time; or you may choose to pay only the $100 reservation fee, and the remaining balance before travel.

CASH ON DELIVERY: The remaining unpaid balance of the delivery charge can be paid in CASH on delivery to the driver.  Please give the driver ONLY CASH; please note that we do NOT accept any other form of payment at delivery, and checks or credit cards can not be accepted at your doorstep.  If you need a receipt for the cash payment, let us know in the office and we will email a receipt after delivery.

PAYPAL OR CREDIT CARD: If you do not want to pay the balance in cash and prefer to pay by PayPal, MasterCard, or Visa, please let us know in advance of your trip. When we send the invoice at booking, you may choose to pay the entire amount instead of only the reservation fee; but if paying by credit/debit card, the full invoice amount MUST be paid before we pick up your pet.






Note: All bookings & schedule are subject to the availability of our drivers.







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