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Prepare For Travel:  Checklist



  • Complete Pet Taxi USA Travel Form:  When you are ready to schedule with us, use our on-line form to request a reservation.  



  • Health Certificate:  We need a HEALTH CERTIFICATE from your veterinarian, dated within 10 days of our estimated pick up date, stating that your pet is healthy to travel.


  • Rabies Vaccination: We also need a current RABIES CERTIFICATE for all dogs (excepting puppies too young for rabies vaccination).


  • Parvo Vaccination for Puppies:  For puppies, under the age of 14 weeks, please be sure they have a current parvo vaccine before travel; please supply us with proof/date of the parvo vaccination.


  • Vaccines, De-worming, Flea/Tick Control:  We require that all pets be CURRENT on all regular vaccinations, de-wormings, and flea/tick control before travel. Please do these more than 48 hrs before pick up, to assure your pet does not have a vaccine reaction or diarrhea from the de-worming medicine as is common.


  • Health Papers in Envelope For Driver: Give a copy of the health certificate, rabies certificate in an envelope to our driver at pick up. These papers need to be retained for our records, and will NOT be dropped off with your pet. If you want to send additional copies to be delivered with your pet, please supply these in a separate envelope.


  • Food For Travel: We prefer to keep your pet on his usual diet during his travel. Prepare an adequate supply of your pet's regular food for the trip.


  • ID Tag On Collar: We prefer that all dogs over 12 weeks have a collar and tag with current identification information.


  • Other Items: We do not require any additional items.  But if you would like, you can prepare any other small items you would like to accompany your pet (bedding, treats, toys, etc).

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